Before And After School

You are entrusting your most precious possession to our care. We do our very best to prove worthy of that trust at our Mary Sears Academy. We are delighted to create a happy, healthy, and loving environment for your child with both before and after school activities.

Mary Sears Before and After School learning program provides a challenging, recreational, and unique fun experience with friends on a daily basis that both supplements and gives them a head start in their outside educational development. Nutritious snacks are provided and homework is completed before engaging in afternoon activities. Outdoor activities are encouraged and children love to play sports, run, laugh, and have fun. Computers are available for games or education.

We recognize that learning for each child can be different. While one child can learn from instruction; another may learn from an illustration. Our learning program accommodates all styles of learning. Learning new skills, sharing, and respecting others is all a part of who we are and how we develop.

The Before & After School program is available at all locations: Joliet, Lockport, Manteno and Orland Park.

“Teachers who love teaching… help children love learning!” - Dr. Mary Sears

Program Highlights

Projects/Arts:   Children work on projects where they can concentrate on creative activity and explore their own endless imagination.

Literature/Library:   Children love to read. Reading helps enhance vocabulary skills. All of our activities are geared to meet the total needs of each child’s abilities and capabilities.