Our excellent, creative and constructive learning program is based on the knowledge of what a young, growing, developing child is like and how he/she is likely to behave at certain ages and stages of development.

Your child will be learning the alphabet, phonics, numbers, computer readiness, math, fine motor skills, arts, crafts, language arts, science, and writing skills. Your child will be meeting many new friends and establishing new, exciting relationships. Our beautiful playground allows your child to run, laugh, play and have fun. One of our outdoor activities is going on nature walks, which our children love, especially in the early Fall and late Spring.

Children are stimulated by everyday changes with the trees, flowers, birds, squirrels, butterflies, and so much more. Nature is the beauty of life that surrounds us all and it is certainly an education in itself. Above all, our program focuses on our children’s happiness and well-being. When your child is happy in school, then they will enjoy learning and they will take this appreciation for learning with them the rest of their lives.