Getting Started

The The best thing to do is visit the school, meet the Director, view the school, see the children interacting with the teachers, and pick up an enrollment packet.

The First Day…

On your child’s first day they will need…

Registration packet with all forms completed, signed and dated:

  • Yellow Medical form
  • Pink Emergency form
  • White Personal form
  • White Emergency form
  • Yellow Emergency card
  • Parent Handbook Page
    • Discipline/Guidance
    • Late Departures
    • DCFS Verification of Receipt

Agreement Page

Full day students 15 months to 4 years

        • Full size crib sheet labeled with name
        • One light blanket labeled with name

Student ages 15 months to 3 years

      • One shoe box with a change of clothes, seasonal, labeled with name
      • Shirt, pants, underwear, socks