We Have The Brightwheel App!

With Brightwheel, you can you the app and see real-time feed of activities throughout the day!

  • Photos -- Watch your child's day unfold with snapshots delivered to your mobile device.
  • Stay Connected -- Stay in touch with your teacher and strengthen school learning with activities while you are at home or work.
  • Digital Check In -- Add approved adults to pick up your child, and see when your child is checked in or out.
  • Invite Family -- Invite grandparents, nannies & family witht the control over what they can do and see on our Brightwheel App.

Parent Communication



There are four newsletters distributed throughout the year. A newsletter will keep you up-to-date on all learning programs and curricular activities at our day care.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Our competent and dedicated staff is well aware of those important early school years. One of our most important priorities is good communication between parents and school. To enable parents and teachers to exchange valuable information pertaining to your child’s intellectual, social, and emotional development, we schedule parent- teacher conferences in the beginning of the school year and in the spring. You will receive a designated time before your child’s conference.