3 Years Old -- 5 Locations

Joliet, Lockport, Manteno, Orland Park, & Franklin Park, IL.

Our three year old program is structured to help your child learn socially and cognitively as well as continuing language development. Our theme based daily curriculum will include stories, singing, creative art, letters, numbers, months, picture cards, colors, and shapes. Mary Sears Children’s Academy understands that it is an exciting and challenging time for children. At this age they are naturally inquisitive, take pride in doing things independently and love to be praised for it! They are learning new words, simple sentences and nonverbal communication, as well as developing and refining gross and fine motor skills.

We are delighted to create a happy, healthy, and loving environment for your child. Every aspect of our three year olds’ classroom is designed to enhance and develop the natural learning ability of your precious child. Our learning program is individually designed to challenge your child. All children are placed according to age and ability.

“Self Discovery… Exploration… Imagination…” - Dr. Mary Sears

Mary Sears Children’s Academy has been dedicated to early childhood development since its founding in 1964. Mary Sears recognized the demand for high quality childcare, education and guidance for children then, and that demands is even stronger in today’s competitive world.

Our system of learning is influenced by the theories of Jean Piaget, a French behavioral psychologist whose work focused on the cognitive development of children . Piaget believed that a child moves through the stages of development by experiencing their world, and learning from those interactions.

Our preschool learning program is designed to meet the total needs of your child, intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally. Being positive with an “I can do” attitude is our number one goal. Learning includes listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Building self-esteem and creating a pleasant learning environment is all part of school days that are happy days at Mary Sears. We want to hear the children say, “I can, I will, I am doing it, and today I really did it!”

Communication with parents is very important to Mary Sears Children’s Academy as we strongly believe in building and maintaining healthy parent-teacher relationships. We encourage both parents and teachers to share concerns, problems, information, and anecdotes verbally on an as needed basis. Our teachers and staff are always available to help out in any way possible.

Program Highlights

Learning: The alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors; these four areas of learning are presented daily in our learning curriculum. This will increase your child’s knowledge, create awareness, and stimulate the brain to help them learn, grow, and change according to their own ability. Children learn Spanish. All learning materials in the room are disinfected twice daily for sanitary purposes.

Mathematics: Activities are written to give children the opportunity to sort objects and learn how to sequence items. Children will practice counting beads and blocks, and begin solving simple math problems. Our teachers will also work with the children to identify similarities and differences within a group of objects.

Science: Children are given the opportunity to practice observation and problem solving skills. They will be able to observe the different variations of colors & shapes. Children will also learn about people, plants, and animals. Our teachers will also help children recognize the parts of the human body.

Books: Our pre-school three year olds are read to daily and they love the visual stimulation. We present stories by puppetry, big pictures, and other media that stimulate your child’s interest. Readers are leaders, and pre-reading skills can begin now! From the very beginning you can instill in your child a love for learning.

Music: Children love music and our program is very musically oriented. We are singing, laughing, playing musical instruments, and singing Mary Sears Songs throughout the day. Music is an enjoyable and a big part of our day. Children love the sound of the musical instruments (bells, tambourines, piano, xylophone, drums, etc.). We even have our very own Mary Sears Marching Band!

Art: Our children love art; painting, coloring, drawing, arts & crafts, sewing, etc. Art is the expression of each child’s natural ability to view a place, person, or object according to their own perception.

Nature Walks: Our children love nature walks and love to gather parts of nature like leaves, rocks, sticks, flowers, and grass. We appreciate the beauty of nature that surrounds us. Children love to pick flowers.

Nutrition: Proper nutrition is key in our children’s growth. Building strong bodies, minds, and stimulating mental awareness is our daily focus. We serve whole nutritional foods. Our children learn the four different food groups. All meals are home-cooked, nutritious and delicious at our day care/academy.

The Three Year Olds program is available at all locations: Joliet, Lockport, Manteno and Orland Park.